Our Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

Today we had our teddy bear’s picnic during Little Stars! What a special event it was! The children brought along their teddy bears or soft toys and helped cut up our fruit to share on a fruit platter together.

We wore our teddy bear headbands which we made last week and we also made Teddy Bear Food Faces using bread, banana and sultanas. At the end of the picnic we watched a short movie called ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’.

Thank you for a wonderful Term 3, we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday break and we look forward to see all of our Little Stars again in Term 4!


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Visiting the Pilgrim Early Years Playground and the Nature Play Space

Today in Little Stars we visited the Pilgrim Early Years Playground and also the Nature Play Space. Both of these playgrounds are on our Campus. The children can play on the Pilgrim playground once they come to school during recess and lunch times and the Nature Play Space is used during outside lesson times. During group time today we talked about symmetry and painted our own butterflies. Come and have a look at them hanging up in our classroom next week! They look sensational! file1-4-1 file1-5 file-5 file5-3


Visiting the Canteen and making a Spider Web

Today when we went on our ‘tour’ around the Campus, we visited the canteen. We meet Maggie who works in the canteen and we learnt about how to line up if we would like to buy something. Maggie showed us a green ‘lunch order box’ which is where we put our lunch order bags if we have a lunch order when we come to school.


In group time today we talked about spiders. We made a class spider web using wool which was part of a game where we were learning to say other people’s names. We also practiced our counting skills when we made our own spider webs using a paper plate and some wool, and we counted the correct number of spiders on our web.


Little Stars Visit the Father’s Day Stall

Today we had an exciting day at Little Stars as we visited the Father’s Day stall!

We all brought money in and could choose something to buy for our dads or someone special for Father’s Day. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who were able to help with the stall, it was such a wonderful experience for our Little Stars to be involved in.

We wish all the Dads a very happy and special Father’s Day on Sunday!

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