Week 6 at Little Stars

Today in Little Stars we continued to talk about the Christmas Story and we added the characters to our stables from last week. We each drew Mary, Joseph and Jesus and glued them in our stables. We talked about how Christmas Day is Jesus’ birthday. For our goodbye song we sang ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’.

Here are some pictures of some of our Little Stars engaging in their morning activities this morning.



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Visiting the COLA

Today in Little Stars we walked up to the COLA. The COLA is an outside undercover basketball court. This is the place where we will be having our Nativity Christmas Carols Night!

Today we also joined with the Reception students again to sing our two Christmas songs in the Recpetion/Year 1 classroom.

We started talking about the Christmas Story today in group time. We talked about how our school is called ‘Nativity’ because of this Christmas Story. We talked about the characters in the story, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, angels, shepherds, wise men and the animals. We talked about what a ‘stable’ was and started making out ‘Nativity Scene’ craft by using pop-sticks to make the stable.



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Learning about Remembrance Day

Today in Little Stars we talked about Remembrance Day.

We looked at the clock and it was 11 o’clock. We also talked about how today was November the 11th and about how we live in a country called Australia.

We watched a clip on Youtube about what happened many years ago at 11 o’clock on November the 11th and how every year we stop and remember the soldiers who fought for Australia¬†in the wars so that our country can be a safe and peaceful place to live.

We made our own poppies out of paper and some of us wore them home.



Learning some special songs!

Today in Little Stars we joined with the current Receptions to begin to learn our 2 Christmas songs for the Nativity Carols Night. We liked going into the Reception classroom and sitting next to some of the Reception children and also seeing some of the current Reception teachers again this week.

We have been talking about how we will be ‘big’ kids when we come to school next year. Being a ‘big’ kid means that we do somethings for ourselves like packing and unpacking our bags. Today in group time we talked about the things we might pack in our school bag when we come to school and then practiced our cutting and gluing skills to cut out pictures of a hat, drink bottle, lunchbox and a reader and glued them on a school bag picture.