Preparing for the Book Week Parade

IMG_0550 IMG_0549 IMG_0548 IMG_0547 IMG_0545 IMG_0544During our last Little Stars session, we were very busy preparing for the Book Week parade. We listened to the story ‘Where is the green sheep?’ again, this time on the Smartboard. We then got started on making our ‘sheep headbands’ which we will be wearing to the parade. We look forward to seeing all of the different types of sheep that arrive at Little Stars tomorrow and are so excited that we can be a part of this whole Campus event!



Welcome to our 2015 Little Stars

A very warm welcome to all of our new Little Stars and their families. We had our first session last Friday and what a busy morning it was!! We sang our ‘Good morning’ song, visited the early years classrooms in the Bartram building, played on the playground, listened to a story and had the opportunity to play with and make new friends. We were so impressed with how well the children all settled into the Little stars room and we are looking forward to seeing you all again on Friday!



A new journey begins….

A very big welcome to all of our new ‘Little Stars’ and their families. Our first two sessions have been fun and full of opportunities to make friends, learn new routines and rules and get to know more about our Nativity school.

DSC02858 DSC02896 DSC02898 DSC02861

We look forward to sharing more of our Little stars journey with you throughout the term!

Little Stars for Term 3!

Little Stars is back this term beginning this Friday (July 25th). We look forward to welcoming our new ‘Little stars’ and getting to know the children and their families this term. The door will be open from 8.45am. We are very excited to see you all on Friday!


Little Stars in 2014

‘Little Stars’ will be up and running again in Terms 3 and 4 for those children beginning in Reception in 2015. A note will go home to parents/caregivers at a later date, informing you of our information session that will be held in Term 2. We look forward to meeting all of our new ‘Little stars’ and their families later in the year!

Holiday Sharing

Everyone in Little stars was keen to share what they had been up to in the holidays! We all had an opportunity to share to a small group what we most enjoyed doing in the holidays. Camping, going to the movies, playing with brothers and sisters, catching crabs and going to playgrounds were just a few of the fun things we heard about during our first session of Little Stars for Term 4.

Here we are painting our holiday pictures!

DSC07655 DSC07656 DSC07657 DSC07658 DSC07659 DSC07660


Goldilocks and the three bears


We have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. Our task last week was to chose one of the bears to make: Baby bear, Mummy bear or Daddy bear. We had to cut two circles to make the head and the body. We used textas and crayons to add detail to our bears. We have been using our oral language skills to describe and compare the different characteristics of the three bears in the story.

Oral Language activities

In Week 6, we worked in small groups to play:

  • The feely bag game– Each child chose something from the feely bag that they had to describe to the group. They had to give 3 clues about their object. The group was encouraged to ask questions about the object to help them work out what it was.
  • The shopping game– Each person/pair was given a shopping list that they had to share/read to the others in their group. The children had to take turns to turn over a shopping item and could add it to their shopping trolley if it was on their list. It was great to hear the discussions throughout this game- lots of positive language was being used, each person was aware of what someone else had on their list and was helping them out when they found an item that wasn’t on their list and there was a lot referring back to shopping lists, double checking what was on it and talking about items they have in their own homes.


  • DSC02785 DSC02786 DSC02788 DSC02789

Our Rainbow Fish

In Week 4, we read a story about ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We discovered that the rainbow fish was happiest when he shared his shiny scales with others. Sharing with others and making new friends helps us to be happy! Some of us chose to make our own rainbow fish in morning activities…..